Good selection of Gotland lambskin

If you need something extra to add to your interior design, Gothic lambskin is an obvious choice. They have a wide range of applications; both for decoration, but certainly also for practical things. As you know, it looks great if you have a lovely lambskin sitting in your chair on the sofa or lying like a blanket. And I can furthermore promise you that you will appreciate coming home a cold winter day in your Gothic skins with a warm cup of coffee in your hand – then the cold winter becomes no problem.

Here you can trade your new skins, as many of our previous customers have already done. And they have been happy about it – that is why we can proudly say today that we have five stars out of five on the notification service Trustpilot; and we have the same on Facebook! Furthermore, you get fast delivery when you shop with us. From you order until you have your new skin at home with you, no more than a maximum of three working days, but many times you get it delivered faster. And then just to enjoy your new skin.

In Denmark today, there are more than 1,000 Gothers in Denmark. A fantastic animal that gives some beautiful skins, and it gives high quality at prices that most people can participate in.

Both long and short haired

You will find in our selection both skins that are long-haired and those that are short-haired. Whether you are one or the other is a personal matter. Both types are actually easy to keep clean, and you can beat them to remove dirt as you do with any other type of rug. The quality is, as I said, top so it does not break through being vacuumed. And should you risk wasting, then you don’t have to worry either. You can take it with a damp cloth if you spill a chunk of coffee.