DIY Clothes Rack – creative and professional sparring

If you have a good idea for your new clothes rack in water pipes or just want something unique, RAW58 offers our unique design solution, where you can quickly and easily order your DIY clothes rack. We are always ready to guide and help you design your new unique DIY clothes rack or larger wardrobe solutions as we have helped both large companies and quality conscious customers ever since we opened the webshop.

Buy one of our products in other goals

We can make all our products in the goals you want. All you have to do is contact us.

Design your own clothes rack or product in water pipes

With us, everything can be done, and it’s only the imagination that sets limits. So no matter what you have in mind, please contact us today.

Brass Joints

The matte gold-coloured brass joints and our pipes go very well together. Brass joints give a wow effect.

Clothes Rack with shoe shelf

You can get all our clothes racks with a smart shoe shelf, just as you look at the image of our Peter clothes rack. Contact us today and get a price right away.

Low self-rack

Low even clothes rack is for you who already have the idea for your new clothes rack and which has the hands screwed right on. We have a broad customer portfolio and therefore know what can be done without the big problems. It’s only the imagination that sets boundaries!


You can find inspiration on our clothes rack in black tubes, clothes rack in galvanized pipes and should you want a DIY hanger rod, then you can find inspiration for hanging in black pipes and suspension in galvanized tube.

Steel Legs for plank table

We know how popular plank tables have been in 2017 and so we also know how important it is that the table top design goes hand-in-hand with the legs to the table. When you get a plank table, it is important that you think about how high the table should be and in what material your table legs are made in, so that you get the best ergonomic experience at the table and at the same time get some maintenance-free table legs. At RAW58, we want to help you get a pair of steel legs for the plank table in good material and at the right height, so you can spend a long time at the plank without any problems. We believe that a pair of steel legs for plank board will help with the full comfort and the best aesthetic starting point in your décor.

Rack Water Pipes

We do not only make DIY clothes rack, but we also make other types of furniture on special dimensions and here we also help you with the design if you have any questions. A shelf water pipe fits perfectly into the living room, office or workshop. You have the opportunity to design rack water pipes with us and then you get the chance to find just the right shelves for your new rack in water pipes.


Clothes Rack with shoe shelf

Would you like one of our clothes racks with a shoe holder at the bottom, just as our Peter clothes rack has? Please contact us by email. We have for several clients made our popular clothes racks Else, Emma and Vincent with shoe holders at the bottom like on the Peter tripod. The shoe holder is often used for other things than just shoes, you can also use it for bags, boxes and whatever you or can find on. Do you often have companies and are you tired of your guests ‘ shoes filling up the entire hallway during the evening, then you can usefully consider designing your very own shoe shelf DIY. The process is the same on our low even clothes rack and you get as good service as on our DIY clothes rack solution. We know how much the Danes are going up in interior decoration and therefore it is our duty to give them the best conditions to be able to enjoy their homes in full.





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