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Clothes racks for children

Our modern clothes racks are made of rustic water pipes, the clothes racks have a minimalist design that makes them fit into any home or business. The iron tubes also have a fantastic durability, so don’t be afraid to hang large jackets or bags on the clothes racks.

Clothes racks for children

New look? Get a raw design of water pipes that are perfect for both the elegant feminine and rustic New York home.

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Clothes Stand Water Pipes – Get a unique design for home & business

Clothes racks in water pipes and has many different designs that fit into both home and business. A tripod water pipe gives your interior decoration a raw and minimalist look. You not only get a minimalist look, but at the same time you get a personal and durable wardrobe solution. Since the webshop opened in 2016, we have already received a number of popular products that our customers are particularly pleased with; Peter, Else, Vincent, Emma, ​​Tove and Alfred stand water pipes. With our Peter clothes stand you get a stand that has a built-in shoe shelf for storing bags and shoes. You not only get room for shoes and bags on our Peter stand, but besides that you get a wide stand in two sizes that fits in all the home furnishings. Our Else stand gives you room for dresses on one part of the stand and on the other hand you have the option of storing shirts and trousers on hangers. On the outside of the stand you get a shelf where you can have room for handbags and jewelry. The stand comes in two different sizes and thicknesses. The Vincent stand is a simple stand that can fit in virtually any home furnishing. You can store dresses, shirts, t-shirts and trousers on a hanger. The Emma stand has a simple and minimalist design that gives a fresh breath to your wardrobe. The tove clothes rack is mounted with screws into the rear wall and must not be mounted in the floor. The Alfred stand is our most popular stand, where you can determine the distance between the legs of the stand yourself. The various racks can be purchased in black and galvanized. If your company is missing a fitting solution, then we also negotiate our tripod water pipe designs for business.

A cool clothes rack is a must!

The products we sell most of are, by comparison, our clothes racks. And there are several reasons for that. Having a tripod to hang its clothes not only adds tremendous practical value, but also contributes to your overall décor. Here you can see, for example, the pictures that our customers have taken: It is clear how the right clothes stand can put the finishing touches on your interior. The practical – and more boring – aspect is of course also worth noting. You probably already know about the hassle of having your clothes lying in a drawer or in a cupboard where there is curling, collapsing – and where the pile tumbles if you need to grab the bottom sweater. All this avoids having a place to hang your clothes. And because your clothes are hanging on hangers, you can also avoid spending a long time each morning ironing. For example, when your shirts hang neatly and neatly on the hanger, it stays fresh and not a curl is to be seen. Now you don’t have to iron your clothes every time you need it in the morning.

Of course, the whole thing should not be for practical reasons. And here we can just as well just be honest: A cool clothes stand also looks really good. Here on the page you can see, for example, all the pictures that our customers have posted. Here it is shown how a tripod for your clothes can fit perfectly into the decor and seem to put the finishing touch on eg your bedroom and generally in your interior design. Not only the aesthetic contribution to the home furnishings, as a nice stand for your clothes, can be learned by looking at the images our customers have posted. You also have the opportunity to get inspiration for your own decor, and maybe you get some good ideas by looking at the pictures. Ideas that you can then implement in your own home – or your own room – too.

Plumbing pipe for clothes rack

Before we opened the webshop we spent a long time investigating what material our racks should be made of and the choice fell on plumbing pipes for the racks. We have many years of experience from the plumbing world and soon realized that plumbing pipes for the stand were the best choice of material. The material is robust and gives a raw look. It’s not just about finding the material where the clothes racks look best – we will only have the best and therefore we use plumbing pipes for the racks. And in terms of design, we also think that these plumbing pipes can do something. It gives a raw look that fits very well into a number of different home furnishings and styles. And it can certainly compliment the visual in your decor in your home or in your room. And there are also practical reasons that make VVS pipes the perfect choice to make your next stand. It is incredibly durable. And of course it’s nice to you. In this way, you avoid drowning racks where things break, break and are not to be dealt with. When choosing a plumbing pipe as a material, you avoid a cheap plastic stand that does not last very long – and therefore you need to replace and replace the tripod often. With a tripod built on plumbing pipes you get a durable and faithful stand.

Clothes racks for children

All our racks can also be adapted to a children’s room. We have several models for the children’s room and our customers love them. Clothes racks for children can follow the child throughout their lives and are constantly expanded and adapted to interior design in the children’s room. Thereby your child can also get a nice stand to hang his clothes on. It can make it easier for your child to keep track of the clothes if it is neat and tidy on a clothes rack. In this way, it is easy to find the piece of clothing that he or she is missing. Furthermore, a rack for the clothes can also be a great idea to give in gift: Whether for your child, grandchild or other children who may need a tripod for their clothes. And it is definitely a gift that the child will greatly appreciate and have a big smile on the lip when he or she receives it. And you have to keep in mind that there is no upper limit for when you can give the child a stand for his clothes: It can be for the smaller ones from the age of 5, where they have almost just learned to control their clothes themselves , to those “kids” who are very soon becoming adults and maybe even moving away from home.

Large selection of racks

Here at the webshop you will find a wide selection of a number of different clothes racks. They are produced in water pipes and it has a number of advantages for you. First, it ensures you a good quality. These water pipes do not break easily and they can last for many years. In addition, they help to give a raw and fantastic look. The clothes racks that you find on our webshop come in the colors black and galvanized, and then it is up to you to choose which color suits your interior. However, we do not only negotiate racks for your clothes here at our webshop. You can also find a number of other products. You can, for example, take a look at our fantastic brown lambskin, which also fits perfectly into your interior and is incredibly comfortable and warm to sit in. Once you have found your clothes stand, you can safely and safely shop with us. We have a number of positive reviews from previous customers who have been so happy with their purchase that they have given us a good review. Furthermore, you can pay with just the payment methods you want; also MobilePay! Also remember that we have a super fast delivery and that we offer free shipping if you buy for more than 299 kroner.

Black and galvanized stand

We sell all our racks in the colors black and galvanized. Both racks fit into any interior design. The galvanized color is silver and the black is matt black. This allows you to choose the right color that fits into your interior design. Of course, your clothing should depend on something that also matches your overall décor and contributes to the style that you have chosen to join. And you probably already have an excellent knowledge of which color will best suit your clothes. You can go through the colors and choose the right one that suits you. A color can also reflect more than just your décor – it may also reflect who you are as a person and what kind of clothing you like to wear. And you can also make a choice in which you implement your new stand into your interior; You can do this, for example, by choosing which furniture and colors should be visible in connection with your clothes and your stand.

DIY – Make your own clothes rack of water pipes

With our extensive experience in interior design and design, you always have the opportunity to design your new clothes stand yourself. Create your own clothes rack of water pipes is a service we offer to customers who want something unique that fits in with your interior design. We have made shoe shelf DIY, steel legs for plank table and shelf water pipes.

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